Create new industrial value and contribute to the development of culture and a high quality of life by striving to cultivate outstanding people with a comprehensive education, strong spirit, and sense of balance; and through visionary ideas, creativity, a variety of technologies, and visionary ideas without fearing of change or allowing opportunities to slip away.


About us

Leveraging our expertise in the three fields of “Logic,” “Calculation,” and “Creativity,” we are a company which produces business startups and development from the perspectives of research theme discovery and new business creation.


Corporate Profile

gaako was established in January 2007 as a business primarily offering IT- and content-related consulting and solutions. Today, gaako’s core business activities are planning and consulting concerning policies involved in the creation of launching points for strategic actions, together with assisting their implementation.


Business Domain

Setting goals and doing what is necessary for their achievement.
(Grasping the essence → Strategy and story making → Action plan → Execution and ongoing assistance)



Investigated videos and created a structural plan draft for the creation of videos depicting next-generation offices and other aspects of society in the future for a major real estate company.

Investigated composition patterns for a video series depicting the interiors of buildings in the future and urban life around such buildings, created scenarios for a pilot as well as video content, and created image ideas for said pilot.

Researched and investigated MaaS, data distribution, and the effects of ICT development on next-generation office services for a major comprehensive real estate company.

Created a booklet on future urban platforms titled “The Course of People, Things, and Data” (provided ideas on recalling lifestyles and activities in the future for buildings and whole area blocks around them; created materials for workshops; provided facilitation support; and created a summary of the functions and value of realizing MaaS and data distribution).

Conducted research and workshops concerning urban development for the future realization of ICT for a major urban development corporation.

Created a future urban forecast report (1. Created workshop materials and provided facilitation support, 2. Presented the value and function of realizing smart cities and ICT, 3. Created a forecast of the future of urban development based on research including research on various other countries).